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2.6.25 New RTC Options

I just built a realtime patched 2.6.25 kernel. Boots up, runs fine except hal 
kicks out DMA, resets the IDE on startup. Device busy, timing problems. Hdparm 
can set the parameters back no sweat afterwards, but ...

The Linux Audio Users list has been discussing new RTC options which I am not 
sure I or other respondents understand. This is what I have now:

$ lsmod | grep rtc
snd_rtctimer            3616  0
rtc_cmos               10848  0
rtc_core               19632  1 rtc_cmos
rtc_lib                 3200  1 rtc_core
rtc                    14620  1 snd_rtctimer

Works, but newer stuff should have /dev/rtc# or /dev/rtc/rtc# rather than 
simply /dev/rtc, I have been told. I added the cmos module, rtc-core was from 
the previous .config. The snd-rtctimer was needed by some audio programs 
(rosegarden?, ardour? muse?)

There is a nice all-caps line written in the .config CONFLICTING RTC CONFIG, 

I had genrtc configured in and have been blacklisting it. Eesy enough to get 
rid of that. The big warning persists, however.

What should be used for the newer kernel versions?
hpet instead of all of this?
No more CONFIG_RTC,  something else instead.
Newer substitute for snd_rtctimer than does not need the rtc module?
Or does hpet provide this to everyone's satisfaction.

I am running Sid on a PIII box with a via chipset MB. I needed to compile in 
the via IDE controller instead of the generic one to get MDA to work. Do I 
need a special rtc driver as well?

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