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delete fields, xreferences et al. from oowriter


I've got an oowriter document generated from latex via mk4ht/tex4ht. It
has all kinds of cross-references and fields, and I want to get rid of
them all. I vaguely recall MSWord has some method of converting all
hypertext-like elements back to regular text. Does such a thing exist
for oowriter? 

Alternatively, does anyone know how to suppress the generation of such
things with mk4ht? The documentation makes many references to
command-line options, but I couldn't find the right switch to flip.

The problem is that when I convert the document to .doc, there is a
known bug whereby all the fields are no longer readable by oowriter.
Which means I can send the document to my MS using colleagues, but when
they return it I can no longer see the bibliography.



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