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Re: Using Lenny on production server?

Neil Gunton wrote:

> I run a moderately busy community website, hosted on my own LAMP (Perl,
> MySQL) AMD64 server, currently running Etch in a colo. I am going to go
> up to the datacenter on July 16th to rebuild the server for various
> reasons. This will include a complete re-install. One change I am
> considering is to upgrade to Lenny. I've read that Lenny will shortly be
> frozen, for possible release in September 2008, so I'm thinking that it
> must be fairly "stable" (not in the formal sense, of course) at this
> point.

Ask yourself this question. "Why do I need Lenny instead of Etch?" If the
answer is "I don't know. Lenny seems to have newer versions." then stick
with Etch. New versions does not mean they are good. If the answer
is "feature X is absent from package Y. This feature is needed to run the
website" then you might want Lenny.

In any case, for production servers, I always recommend stable version of
Debian. My advice would be to start with Etch. If you find it inadequate,
you can always upgrade it later.

> I know the conventional wisdom is to only install Stable on servers;
> however I am wondering if I can temper that view with the current state
> of Lenny (almost ready for move to stable) and just install it now
> rather than go through a dist-upgrade later.

Follow the conventional wisdom. Just go with Etch. From your description of
the problem, I did not see a potential reason to install a testing
distribution on a production machine.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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