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Re: Using Lenny on production server?

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> Subject: Re: Using Lenny on production server?
> Neil Gunton wrote:
> > I run a moderately busy community website, hosted on my own LAMP
> > MySQL) AMD64 server, currently running Etch in a colo. I am going to
> > up to the datacenter on July 16th to rebuild the server for various
> > reasons. This will include a complete re-install. One change I am
> > considering is to upgrade to Lenny. I've read that Lenny will
shortly be
> > frozen, for possible release in September 2008, so I'm thinking that
> > must be fairly "stable" (not in the formal sense, of course) at this
> > point.
> Ask yourself this question. "Why do I need Lenny instead of Etch?" If
> answer is "I don't know. Lenny seems to have newer versions." then
> with Etch. New versions does not mean they are good. If the answer
> is "feature X is absent from package Y. This feature is needed to run
> website" then you might want Lenny.
> In any case, for production servers, I always recommend stable version
> Debian. My advice would be to start with Etch. If you find it
> you can always upgrade it later.
> >
> > I know the conventional wisdom is to only install Stable on servers;
> > however I am wondering if I can temper that view with the current
> > of Lenny (almost ready for move to stable) and just install it now
> > rather than go through a dist-upgrade later.
> >
> Follow the conventional wisdom. Just go with Etch. From your
> of
> the problem, I did not see a potential reason to install a testing
> distribution on a production machine.
> raju
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If you don't have a solid reason for moving to Lenny, then I am going to
second everything that Raju said.

I have a couple of 64bit servers that I run Etch on. However, there is
one that the drivers for Etch gave me many problems and headaches (never
got fully working). Lenny worked straight off. I am now running Debian
Testing on a production server, and I take great care and caution before
I run an update. I only update packages I know I need to update and I
don't run any update to that box till it has been tested before hand on

If you don't have a reason, stay with Etch. If you do have a reason, be
careful! :-)

Have Fun!

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