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Re: How do i access the Debian Changelog

Radai F Zabala wrote:

> Folks, how do i access the changelog so that i modify the Changelog
> using nano editor? This is the file i'm referring to
> /home/el1ip3s01d/gnash/gnash-0.8.3/Changelog  As you can see Changelog
> is the file that i need to modify,because i'm trying to install
> gnash-0.8.3 on Debian Etch amd64...I'm actually following the small
> how to on page 552 of Debian linux 3.1 Bilble...Thanks for your
> help...

dch -i
dch -v version
man dch for more information.

BTW, 3.1 is old. We are now at 4.0.
Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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