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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

On Mon, 2008-07-14 at 11:12 -0400, Damon L. Chesser wrote:

> Alpha release:  We have that, it is called testing.  Packages are "dumped" 
> into Sid, after a period of time with out bug reports, it is moved into 
> testing (10 days?) automatically.

Other way around.  sid is still in development, testing is where
packages go barring major bug reports.

> If you want to change this, YOU MUST market Debian (and Debian does not like 
> to market it's self.) and you MUST make the "cluser" hardware work.  You must 
> NOT make the clueless user jump through hoops, dig through documentation, 
> search the web, all just to make his wireless work or his webpage to display.  
> If you have ever gotten a call from a customer asking "where did I save that 
> file I downloaded" then you KNOW this.  People, all people (aside from 
> hobbiest) want to USE the computer, not make it work.  Ubuntu mostly has 
> solved this issue.

I'm not sure Ubuntu mostly solved this issue so much as they made it
pretty.  Debian does the same thing, too, you know...it's not like we're
still using the old boot-floppies installer and debconf doesn't exist to
answer questions for you.

Paul Johnson

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