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Re: Sound Problems (Sound is Often Gone)

On Monday 14 July 2008, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Mon,14.Jul.08, 12:42:54, Arthur A wrote:
> > My understanding was:
> >
> > Hardware <----> ALSA <--> OSS <--> Apps
> AFAIK OSS has been the first type of linux sound drivers. Alsa was
> introduced later as an alternative. Since 2.6.something (but before
> etch IIRC) alsa is in the mainline kernel and OSS has been
> deprecated.
> As far as installing is concerned, you really only need install
> alsa-utils (which should pull alsa-base) and sound should just work
> (unless you have some strange hardware).
> Also since the dmix plugin has been enabled by default it is possible
> to have multiple apps play sound at the same time, which was
> previously achieved by using arts or esound.

So I could wipe OSS and use just Alsa and KDE, since that's my DE?

I'll try this and see what happens.

Thanks for the info!


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