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A trick for non-supscrivvers

This message originally had the title "A trick for
non-subscribers". I send it again with the word misspelled.
The original version did not make it to the list because the list
interpreted the substring "subscribe" in the title as a request to
subscribe (which I do *not* want). Robots..

This is not a question but a tip. I just discovered this; of
course it may be old hat.

You want to participate in the list? But you don't want to
subscribe, because of the huge volume on the list?

The trick:

1. Use icedove as your mail/news reader, and tell Iceweasel
   you've done so.
2. Subscribe to newsgroup linux.debian.user.
3. Read messages from the newsgroup.
4. If you want to reply to a message, find the same message
   in http://lists.debian.org/debian-user. Then click the
   "reply to list" link. If everything goes well, an Icedove
   mail compose window will come up, with an empty message area.
5. Now the trick: in this compose window, click "options",
   "quote message". In the compose window, the message (which will
   go to the LIST), the message from the NEWSGROUP will be

This works in Sid. No guarantees for other Debian versions.

Regards, Jan

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