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Re: A trick for non-supscrivvers

Jan Willem Stumpel <jstumpel@planet.nl>:
>  This message originally had the title "A trick for
>  non-subscribers". I send it again with the word misspelled.
>  The original version did not make it to the list because the list
>  interpreted the substring "subscribe" in the title as a request to
>  subscribe (which I do *not* want). Robots..
>  This is not a question but a tip. I just discovered this; of
>  course it may be old hat.
>  You want to participate in the list? But you don't want to
>  subscribe, because of the huge volume on the list?
>  The trick:
>  1. Use icedove as your mail/news reader, and tell Iceweasel
>     you've done so.
>  2. Subscribe to newsgroup linux.debian.user.
>  3. Read messages from the newsgroup.

No, use slrn, and you can pretty much ignore the following.

>  4. If you want to reply to a message, find the same message
>     in http://lists.debian.org/debian-user. Then click the
>     "reply to list" link. If everything goes well, an Icedove
>     mail compose window will come up, with an empty message area.

In slrn, I hit f, and the message opens up in emacs.  Snip, type,

>  5. Now the trick: in this compose window, click "options",
>     "quote message". In the compose window, the message (which will
>     go to the LIST), the message from the NEWSGROUP will be
>     quoted.


  subscribe to whitelist@lists.debian.org

  subscribe to linux-gate@lists.bofh.it

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