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Re: dial up support

On Wed, 9 Jul 2008, Andrei Popescu engaged keyboard and shared this with us 
>--} On Fri,04.Jul.08, 01:48:35, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>--} > > Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
>--} > > >The gold-standard in modems is the 3Com/US Robotics Courier
>--} > > >V-Everything.  It works with a serial port and requires no drivers.
>  It --} > > >also does great on noisy lines.  I purchased mine off eBay for
> $49. --} > >
>--} > > What's the model number of that?
>--} >
>--} > There is ONLY ONE.
>--} "There can be only one" :)
>--} Regards,
>--} Andrei

I used a Maestro Woomera for 5-6 years before satellite, and it was nothing 
short of brilliant. It adjusted itself to the best average speed on the 
condition of the line, and here the telephone line is little better than a 
string between two tin cans. It even worked, though at a reduced download 
speed, after a lightning strike on the line. That was the only time it 
required any attention, but didn't leave me in the Internet dark while I 
found one to borrow before I sent it away from repair. The only problem is 
the cost, it's not cheap, but then I repeat myself.

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