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Re: kde volume control question

> I have a couple of different machines doing this.
> Audio works fine, volume control works fine from the mixer, depending on
> which control I move. However, the systray volume control related to
> kmix doesn't control the device in kmix which controls the volume.
> For example, on this machine in front of me, I can be playing some
> audio, but the little blue KDE volume control down by the clock doesn't
> affect the volume, but if I click on the word "Mixer" when that control
> is "open", that will open the mixer window, and I can control the volume
> by moving the PCM control in the Output tab.
> If it's easy enough to explain, I'd like to know how a mixer works (what
> is PCM; what do the green and red lights mean; etc), but that's probably
> more complicated (and may vary depending on hardware) than is suitable
> here, so my real question ...
> How do I get the volume control in the systray to control the PCM
> control instead of whatever other control it is presumably controlling?
> Thanks!
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Understanding mixer is not hard. PCM means "Pulse Code Mudulation" and you
can obtain more information about it from
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCM. Basically PCM is the digital coded form
of the sound that you here so computer can play with it. Generally PCM is
the where all sound signal is combined so it acts like "master". The green
lights mean active. So if a green light is turned off for a channel, that
channel is muted. Similarly red lights in input tab means "Recording this

You can say kmix to play with which slider in single slider mode (i.e.
single click, tray mode or the mode problematic for you). You need the
select the PCM since it's the master. Just right-click to the mixer icon
and select "select master channel" and select PCM from the appeared window
and select OK. Now your misbehaving slider will control your master out.

Quicktip: mouse wheel on kmix icon also commands the single slider that
ypu selected as master. No clicks needed ;)

Cheers and Regards,


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