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kde volume control question

I have a couple of different machines doing this.

Audio works fine, volume control works fine from the mixer, depending on which control I move. However, the systray volume control related to kmix doesn't control the device in kmix which controls the volume.

For example, on this machine in front of me, I can be playing some audio, but the little blue KDE volume control down by the clock doesn't affect the volume, but if I click on the word "Mixer" when that control is "open", that will open the mixer window, and I can control the volume by moving the PCM control in the Output tab.

If it's easy enough to explain, I'd like to know how a mixer works (what is PCM; what do the green and red lights mean; etc), but that's probably more complicated (and may vary depending on hardware) than is suitable here, so my real question ...

How do I get the volume control in the systray to control the PCM control instead of whatever other control it is presumably controlling?


Kent West

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