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Re: driver loaded automatically

On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 03:39:38PM +0800, ray wrote:
> I found the driver of my wireless network card is loaded right after the
> system boots up. I checked the /etc/modules and not found that driver. I had
> thought that driver is loaded automatically by discover, so I disabled the
> /etc/rcS.d/S36discover, but the driver is still be loaded automatically
> after booting up. That driver is not used by any other modules. Do any other
> mechanisms exist  that cause drivers loaded automatically? Thanks.

When is "right after the system is loaded"? Any chance that this is the

Try adding the extra boot parameter init=/bin/sh at grub's prompt.

Then you get to a shell prompt right after the kernel has loaded and the
initrd was loaded and its scripts executed.

Try running from there:


To resume normal boot:

  exec /sbin/init

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