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Re: driver loaded automatically

El mié, 02-07-2008 a las 16:57 +0800, ray escribió:
> Yes, the discover package. Now I see the discover package can be
> removed from my system and maybe can make my system boot up a little
> more quick.
> I would like to know the details of the kernel's own detection
> mechanism. Do you know where can I find the documentation about it?
> Thank for you reply.

The kernel-level system used is hotplug. It generates events on hardware
detection and then user-level applications take care of those events.
That user-level application is usually udev. Check man udev for more
info on configuring it.

Here are some introductory articles. For advanced info, STFW.

I'm not sure if the info is up-to-date, they were just sitting in my

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