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Re: Stunned by aptitude.

On 2008-07-02 08:59 +0200, CaT wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 08:22:59AM +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:
>> Still there should be an option to turn this behavior off, since it is
>> very annoying for people with low bandwith and frequent network
>> problems.  In apt-get you can set APT::Get::List-Cleanup=false to avoid
>> erasing the list files if the update failed, but aptitude does not have
>> such an option, AFAIK.
> I don't think this really applies here. Least not to apt from my reading
> of this:
> --list-cleanup
>     This option defaults to on, use --no-list-cleanup to turn it
>     off.  When on apt-get will automatically manage the contents of
>     /var/lib/apt/lists to ensure that obsolete files are erased. The only
>     reason to turn it off is if you frequently change your source list.
>     Configuration Item: APT::Get::List-Cleanup.

Thanks for correcting me, I was fooled by

In fact, `apt-get update' failures did _not_ delete the list file
regardless of this option when I tried it, so this is only a problem in


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