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Re: Stunned by aptitude.

On 2008-07-02 06:46 +0200, Paul Johnson wrote:

> On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 09:40 +0800, Magicloud wrote:
>> Hello,
>>          When I used aptitude, I noticed that aptitude does not have
>> an error handling mechanism. When I `aptitude update`, if the network
>> is broken (like dns problem, route problem), it can not connect to the
>> server, so it reports error, and clean up local apt record. If I
>> stupidly `aptitude autoclean` then, all my debs are gone.
> It is doing error handling:  If it can't reach that server, there's no
> point in considering it a valid source.  If you have no valid sources,
> there's no current packages.  It's working as designed.

Still there should be an option to turn this behavior off, since it is
very annoying for people with low bandwith and frequent network
problems.  In apt-get you can set APT::Get::List-Cleanup=false to avoid
erasing the list files if the update failed, but aptitude does not have
such an option, AFAIK.

See also the bugs reported in the BTS:



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