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Re: OT: Laptop for College Bound Student?

On Thu, 2008-06-12 at 13:13 -0400, Gregory Seidman wrote:

> It's clear to me that you are arguing this from a position of dedicated
> ignorance. When was the last time you tried to use a Mac?

About a year ago, though I had the misfortune of managing a sizable
network of Apples about 10 years ago for a few years.

>  Perhaps a trip to
> an Apple store would give you some experience on which you could base your
> end of this discussion.

If only.  The Apple Store folks know approximately what's in the online
help, the marketing brochures and nothing more (if they do know more,
they're entirely unwilling to share).

>  Don't forget to ask the employees at the store to
> help you out. If you tell them you want to see how to use the Mighty Mouse
> as a two-button mouse, they'll be happy to help set the appropriate
> preference.

Last time I brought this up at the Apple Store in Portland, Ore., they
were more concerned about trying to convince me that 1 button was the
way to go and that the Mighty Mouse was far more mouse than anyone would
ever need than how to use the damn thing.  I gave up and left.

The mouse is all fine and dandy, a mouse is a mouse.  But start asking
them about running something other than OSX on an Apple and they start
treating you like a pariah.  They seem to not realize that ostricizing
people for wanting form /and/ function is part of what's keeping them a
marginal player in computer hardware and third on the desktop after free
OSs and Windows.

Paul Johnson

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