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Re: OT: Laptop for College Bound Student?

On Thu, 2008-06-12 at 11:54 -0400, Robert Baron wrote:

>         Mac input devices have come a long way. I have an older
>         MacBook Pro in
>         front of me and the bumps are on F and J. It also has a nice
>         touchpad which
>         maps the following:
>         1 finger tap = left-click
>         2 finger tap = right-click
>         1 finger drag = mouse move
>         2 finger drag = scroll (vertical and horizontal)

I believe the original design decision was to make an easier to use
input device.  Expecting people to learn obscure mouse gestures to do
the same thing everybody has already been doing with standard buttons is
fundamentally contrary to that goal:  It's time Apple got around to
admitting that and putting a reasonable pointing device on the MacBook
in the first place.

>         I also use a (tragically no longer manufactured) Kensington
>         Expert Mouse PRO trackball which has appropriate buttons that
>         just work. In fact, essentially any third-party USB input
>         device Just Works. And the "Mighty Mouse" that comes with
>         desktop systems supports right-click out of the box (though it
>         requires changing a preference).

And you have to know that the secondary click is squeezing the mouse.  I
never found that out on my own and was only informed of that last night.
Why hide the secondary function so thoroughly?  It's like Apple is
trying to design hardware that is as obscure to use as they accuse the
Windows UI itself of being.

Paul Johnson

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