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Re: Homepage management system?

On Jun 2, 10:40 pm, Micha <mi...@post.tau.ac.il> wrote:
> I am looking for some framework to allow easily setting up homepage for all the
> people in my uni lab. The idea is to setup some template that they can fill out
> as no one is getting around to it
> (A home page, publications page, not much more)
> Preferably I want something that can be setup in a user html directory and not
> run it's own server. That is either a program to allow the easy generation
> and maintenance of webpages based on templates or some content management
> system that is easy to setup and can preferably be installed and run for a user
> public_html directory (i.e based on php or cgi scripts and not it's own server)
> as it would reduce the bureaucracy of trying to convince the university to give
> us web access to one of the lab computers.
> I'm afraid that I don't have the time to design and write the template myself
> so I need something ready-made.
> Thanks
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You can try some CMS personally I recommend Joomla. It's installation
in a public_html is less than 20 mb. The thing that may give you
trouble is the SQL requirement. Other than that it very easy to use
and set up.
P.S Joomla has a lot of ready to use templates.

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