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Re: RAID for large disks

On Sat June 7 2008 08:32:27 Mag Gam wrote:
> I haven't even approached the file system level yet. The application is a
> basic fileserver which will host our professor's mechanical engineering
> images. These images can be anywhere from 20MB to 300MB so I would consider
> them "normal files".
> I am hoping some hardware people can chime in about the RAID configuration
> first. I have plenty of RAM on the server (12GB), and a fast RAID
> controller so I would like to get this going first then I will worry about
> the file system. Unless, people feel this is a holistic approach.

FWIW, I work in the other direction.  Consideration of applications
and data - and of performance, reliability and simplicity - lead to
consideration of possible plans for filesystems, swap, LVM, and RAID.

You might also want to Google or check the list archives for a
discussion of the relative merits of s/w versus h/w RAID.

--Mike Bird

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