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Re: How to complain about slow ISP? Checked in mtr

2008/5/30 Mike Bird <mgb-debian@yosemite.net>:
> I would tell them that your internet connection keeps timing
> out.  On the wide open internet backbone tools such as mtr,
> ping, tracepath, and traceroute are useful, but consumer DSL
> is often filtered (perhaps to reduce DOS attacks) so that
> such tools are often hard to interpret.

I did tell them exactly that.

> It's your ISP's job to find out why the connection is timing
> out.  If they can't or won't, trying to explain "mtr" to them
> isn't going to help.  (BTW, your "mtr" was bad but not awful
> because of the "2.3%" line.)

Could you elaborate on that? I've stfw but I'm still not quite
proficient with mtr or computers in general.

> If you really have to use "mtr", first of all compare a regular
> "mtr" with a "mtr -i 10" to see if DOS attacks (and "mtr") are
> being filtered.

I suppose that I don't _have_ to use mtr but it is the tool that I've
heard of. I changed the interval time to 10 seconds like you mention,
but I don't see where that helps. Is there a resource that you could
recommend that I read to learn to be more proficient with mtr? Written
for silly end-users like me? Thanks.

Dotan Cohen


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