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Re: traffic monitoring tool with total statistics

On 30/05/2008 Travis Crook wrote:
> > I'm searching for a network traffic monitoring tool which supports to
> > report total numbers, like absolute mbytes/gbytes of ingoing/outgoing
> > traffic per week/month. The tools i've tested so far (munin, mrtg)
> > seem to support only relative numbers like curent, maximal, minmal
> > and average bytes per second.
> Have you tried vnstat?  It will give daily/weekly/monthly totals of
> incoming/outgoing traffic by interface (i.e. eth0, eth1).  Basic info
> and download (if not in Debian repository) found here:
> http://humdi.net/vnstat/.

Hey Travis,

Thanks a lot, vmstat indeed is exactly what I was searching for.
Especially in conjunction with vmstati and vmstat.cgi or the vmstat php


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