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Re: HotSwapping Disks

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On 05/30/08 09:18, UDP 514 wrote:
> I have a server with hot swap disks.  
> I'd like to be able to swap out a non-system disk , eg  /dev/sdd  and
> put in a new
>  disk, partition it in fdisk, then mount those partitions. This all
> works fine, I can partition it,
>  but the linux kernel hangs on to the old disk partitions in memory, so
> I can't mke2fs or 
> mount the newly created partitions, without doing a reboot.
> Is there a way to force the kernel re-read the partition tables on a
> non-system disk?
> How do people maintain high uptime, if you need to reboot every time
> just to see an extra
> disk in a hot swap system?

If no oone else answers here, there are lists and sites dedicated to
HA Linux systems.

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