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Re: DRM PDFs (and SED and ETD ...)

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On 2008-05-29 13:52, Adam Hardy wrote:
> Johannes Wiedersich on 29/05/08 09:02, wrote:
>> On 2008-05-28 20:36, Adam Hardy wrote:
>>> Just thought I'd ask, even though my web searches don't reveal anything
>>> but Adobe promises and work-arounds involving printing to postscript on
>>> a windows box first - but is there software for linux to read DRM pdfs?
>> I don't know, if I understand you correctly. If you just want to read a
>> DRM pdf, there are various linux tools as suggested. I've had good luck
>> with kpdf so far, but xpdf and others might work as well. Those tools
>> actually ignore (or can be configured to ignore) most of the
>> restrictions.
> I haven't found any configuration on any package (xpdf, acroread,
> evince, pdftk, kpdf) for ignoring security. In fact you're the second
> person to say that, but the man pages don't contain any reference to
> overriding passwords. Are you sure?

kpdf: settings -> konfigure kpdf -> "Obey DRM restrictions

However this apparently works only for the 'traditional' DRM stuff (I'm
on lenny).

>> If just the DRM is so 'enhanced' that it won't work with those, there is
>> also Adobe's acroread. 
> That's the first package I tried - but Adobe haven't upgraded it yet to
> understand security, so it balks at loading the file at all.

- From Adobe's web site:

it appears this 'feature' is only available for Wind0w$ and Mac l00sers.

I guess you are out of luck here.

Since it appears to contradict the mission of the British Library [1]
that the part of the population that uses linux and/or other OS is
excluded from this service, I would complain directly. I don't think
this will solve your problems in the short term, but hopefully in the
long term...

YMMV, good luck,


[1] http://www.bl.uk/aboutus/foi/overview/index.html

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