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Re: X gets killed immediately after successful graphical logon

Uwe Dippel wrote:
I can't get into any of my sessions, whatever I do.

The machine starts up and shows kdm, as it has been doing for some years.
Only, whenever I logon, as any user, or any session (kde, gnome,
xfce), it starts, then some scrambling of the screen, and back I am at
login applet.
The only one that works is Failsafe.
Therefore, it can't be a problem of a wrong password; it rather looks
like any X session started after the successful logon must have some
setting that kills X.
Unfortunately, the Xorg.log does not show anything extraordinary.

I wonder how to debug this further ...?


Please, Cc: to me in case of answers; due to the traffic on this list

Make a new user, log in as that user. Alternatively, rename a user /home/dir, log in as that user and let it rebuild your profile from /etc/skel. If you can then log in, you have a bad file in your home dirs. No idea what though. If it works, that would give you at least to log on, move over required data and start again.


Damon L. Chesser

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