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Re: vmware questions

On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 06:39:53PM +0200, Chris wrote:
> On Saturday 10 May 2008, Carl Fink wrote:

> Having used both: how would you rate VMware vs. VirtualBox for running the 
> occasional Windows program in a Guest system?  I've been using VMware Player 
> for quite a while now an been quite impressed with it.

VMWare was (for me) somewhat easier to set up, because of Converter.  They
both work well. (I have them on different computers.)  I like the VirtualBox
interface better, and it seems to perform better when a Windows application
is doing heavy I/O, but that might be an artifact of running it on a
somewhat faster computer. VBox handles full-screen better.

As I posted here, I couldn't make booting off the Windows DVD work propertly
in VirtualBox. 

In practice they're very similar programs and either is more than adequate.

Note: theoretically Converter images can work with VirtualBox, but it did
not actually work correctly in my one trial.
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