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Re: Iceweasel's UserAgent

Mumia W.. wrote:

> E-mail your friendly webmasters to show them the errors of their
> ways.

Yeah right! Like they are going to listen. I admire your optimism though!

Let me give you an example. I had a citi credit card (www.citicards.com).
Their IT department is so inefficient that they can't put up a decent
website. The website does not appear at all in Iceweasel (due to some wierd
javascript code I presume). I have tried to talk to the customer service
person etc., and the standard reply is "We do not support
Iceweasel/Firefox/Linux etc., We only support M$ IE." This is the response
from a corporation where they have a monetary benefit in retaining
customers. I can only imagine the responses from a company's webmaster
where there is no money involved.

I was so irritated by citicard's inefficiency that in the end I stopped
using their credit card completely and am using some other company's credit
card whose website functions fine in all the browsers. I don't think my
usage puts any dent in citibank's business. But that is a different issue.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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