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Re: Iceweasel's UserAgent

On 05/07/2008 05:23 PM, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
Which leads to the question: Shouldn't Iceweasel at least advertise itself as Firefox?

No it should not.

Because after all it _is_ Firefox, only with a different name.

That depends upon timing and perspective. In a real, legal and organizational sense, Iceweasel is a different web browser maintained by a different organization from Mozilla, and it should have a different name and advertise itself as what it is--a different web browser.

However, history does show that Iceweasel shares some code with Firefox. History also shows that the Microsoft Internet Explorer shares some code with Spyglass and NCSA Mosaic. This does not justify MSIE advertising itself as anything other than "MSIE x.x."

Since Iceweasel and Firefox use the Gecko rendering engine (and advertise it), websites should use the string "Gecko" to determine if a web browser has Firefox-compatible functionality. Google and the other websites mentioned in this thread messed up. Their web software looks for the sexy trademarked name Firefox, when instead they should look for Gecko. E-mail your friendly webmasters to show them the errors of their ways.

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