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Re: rdiff-backup memory problems

On Wednesday 07 May 2008 11:58:20 am David wrote:
> Also, I don't trust rdiff-backup as much as I do rsync. It seems a bit
> too complicated/fragile by comparison. Rsync is very robust, simple,
> and works every time. The only reason I use rdiff-backup is because of
> it's reverse delta support. I would prefer to replace rdiff-backup if
> possible, rather than rsync.

If you are looking for a replacement, I don't know of any that do rdiffs 
besides rdiff-backup. I think that a good incremental backup would be your 
best option.

It looks like all the stuff with making the hardlinks and temp directory are 
to avoid a potential conflict between the existing "rdiff-backup-data" 
directory on backup1 and the other "rdiff-backup-data" directory that gets 
written to on backup2. If backup1 and backup2 both have rdiff-backup 
installed then you can do something like

rdiff-backup backup1::/backup/files /backup/path/on/backup2 --exclude 

on backup2. This avoids making hardlinks and a temp directory and also avoids 
your problem of having the two "rdiff-backup-data" directories conflicting.


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