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Re: Debian Installer Hangs on MacBook

Kent West wrote:
... I downloaded the 4.0.r3.13 netinstaller ISO and burned it to CD, and then booted from it.

... the boot process hangs fairly early in the process

Jerome BENOIT wrote:
you may want to visit the mactel site:


and more specific ones:


Thanks, Jerome. I had scoured some of those, and now looking at the ones I had not found already, it appears that this hardware is just too new to be supported by Debian specifically, and Linux in general (problems with wireless, video, audio, suspend). I know Ubuntu 8.whateverwasjustreleasedlastweek mostly works (no audio, ndiswrapper required, sleep/suspend issues), so I may just have to live with that for a while. Bummer.

Kent West
Westing Peacefully - http://kentwest.blogspot.com

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