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Re: Debian + LVM + RAID1

Ivan Glushkov wrote:

I installed Debian on top of LVM and software RAID1 following this:


Everything is fine except that I cannot boot the Debian afterwards
("Insert boot disk" message from the bios). I used /dev/sdc and
/dev/sdd. First problem is that I do not know which hdd I should enter
as the first boot device in the bios. Moreover, obviously the bios does
not see the /dev/md0 array, since I guess first the raid array should be
started in order for grub to be loaded. I explicitly issued grub-install
/dev/md0 using the recovery mode of the debian installer, but that did
not help.

	Thanks in advance,


you can not put grub (/boot) on an LVM. You can put /boot on a raid1. If you made one raid1 device and made one partition on md0 you will not be able to boot (assuming you then put LVM on top of that one partition/used all of md0).

Redo what you did only make either two partitions to md0, one for boot (110Mb is large enough for most) and on partition2 put the rest of your system ontop of the LVM. Or, partition your two hds to have two mdadm raid1 . One small md0 for /boot and one md1 for the system with LVM on it.

You will then have to install grub on to hdd or if hdc fails, you will not be able to boot as grub will be installed onto hdc MBR. Makes sense?


Damon L. Chesser

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