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Re: Fw: Errors on upgrading from etch to lenny

On Tue, May 06, 2008 at 00:08:35 -0700, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Hi:
> I wonder whether the debian-user list is still active. When posting
> for help at the amd64 list, even from inexperienced users, the amd64
> list usually provides help overnight.
> See please my request for help below to the debian-users list.
> Unanswered.

Your original message (17:28:33 UTC):

An answer (18:07:33 UTC):

Maybe you missed the answer because you expected to get a CC to your own
email address and therefore you did not follow the list closely enough.
The fact that your messages have a Reply-To header pointing to your own
email address does not mean that you will automatically be CC'd if
somebody replies to the list. You have to explicitly ask to be CC'd or
you have to include an appropriate Mail-Followup-To header.

I am CC'ing you now to make sure that you get this message, even though
this is technically a violation of the list policy. I assume this is
what you wanted, since I cannot otherwise see the point of generating a
Reply-To header that is identical to the From address.

> Notice, please, that no such errors came out when
> upgrading from etch to lenny with amd64.
> Of course I understand that a general list such as debian-users may be
> very crowded. Therefore, this is just a respectfully remind. Must add
> that I tried all obvious resources to resolve the issue, such as
> "apt-get -f install" and others, without success.

It seems be bug #477258, which has been fixed in Sid since April 25,
exim4 version 4.69-3. The bug report describes how to repair the init
script yourself. (So far the fix did not propagate to Lenny because
there have been further updates in Sid, restarting the 10 days waiting

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