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Which distro for workstations?

Updating Testing workstations has proved to be much more
time-consuming than expected.

In the last four months there have been approx 13,000
package updates in Testing, of which approx 1,000
applied to a typical workstation here.

During the same period there were approx 800 package
updates in Stable, of which approx 160 applied to a
typical workstation here.

Unfortunately, we only have one workstation that can run
Stable.  Some need Testing and most need a combination
of Testing and Unstable.  In particular, xserver-xorg 7.3
is only available in Unstable although Ubuntu is already
shipping 7.3 in their long-term-support release.  We often
have to use an Unstable kernel too, although that's not
currently the case.

However I'm not keen on Ubuntu as I find some of their
ideas quirky and I'm concerned about limited security
updates for their Universe.

We could (a) continue using Debian Testing, or (b) try
Ubuntu (again), or (c) ... ?

Any non-flaming thoughts as to which distro to use for


--Mike Bird

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