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Re: sync ftp-folders (rsync?)

On Saturday 03 May 2008 04:44:16 am Jan Schmitt wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to sync my Pocket PC with etch, and I have all data on a storage
> card. So I want to run an ftp-server an the Pocket PC (I use a
> network-card) or simply sync via cardreader, because this is more
> "universal", easier and more reliable than using something like synce,
> and I don't want to sync contacts, appointments etc. On Pocket PC-side
> it's no problem for me, but which is the best program in etch for doing
> this? I think once I used rsync, but this is long ago. Before setting up
> everything I want to make sure if rsync is still state of the art or if
> in the meantime any better program was released. I don't want to use any
> non-etch/testing/unstable program.
> Thanks in advance!
> J. Schmitt

rsync is good for unidirectional movements. That is, rsync is useful for 
making a backup of some data and then updating that backup when something 

If you need something that tracks changes and shares changes between multiple 
copies of the data you should try unison (it uses the rsync algorithm).


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