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Re: /dev/null > /dev/sdb1 !

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 06:22:16PM -0500, Mark Allums wrote:
> CF cards are sold everywhere.  You want the long-life versions.  Finding 
>  adapters may be a little harder, but mail-order is probably suitable. 
>  The internet is your friend here.  This was a good idea, I wish I ahd 
> thought of it.

On the internet, I've seen two kinds of adapters: ones that fit into a
standard 3.5" drive space and are designed to treat the CF card as
removeable media like a floppy drive, others are designed to fit like a
hard drive.  One other kind, is designed to plug directly onto the IDE
controller on the MB without a cable.

Try startech, but also try any industrial or single-board-computer
supplier, such as norcotek.com or soekris.com.


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