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Re: Kernel panic with new kernel

Daniel D Jones wrote:
My Etch server boots fine with the default 2.6.18 kernel. I downloaded the 2.6.25 kernel and did:

make all
make modules_install
make install

mkinitrd.yaird -o /boot/initrd.img-2.6.25 2.6.25

Updated grub and rebooted.  I'm getting a kernel panic:

/usr/lib/yaird/exec/run_init: No such file or directory
Attempted to kill init

From what I can find, this is usually related to moving partitions around or otherwise confusing the system as to where the root system is located. I haven't changed anything as to partition layout. The system boots fine with the old kernel. The grub entries are identical except for the number associated with the kernel. The root (hd0,1) and the root argument applied to the kernel are both the same and are correct. Any hints or suggestions as to where to go from here appreciated.


Try the debian way, it is way easy.

apt-get install kernel-package

do all the normal untaring and such.

cd into the kernel dir:

cp /boot/someimage.config ./.config

make menuconfig/gconfig/oldconfig

make-kpkg clean
make-kpkg --initrd --revision=1.something (letters will keep dpkg from replacing with an upgrade) kernel_image module_image (<---I use this one to get nvidia w/custom kernel see debian nvidia wiki)

when you are done you have a linux-image-somestring.deb and any modules you made.deb one dir up.

dpkg -i string.deb
dpkg -i modulename.deb

you are now done, further, you package system can now track your kernel, remove it, replace it, what ever. Grub is updated.

see /usr/share/doc/kernel-package/README.gz for step by step (all though I just gave it to you, there are other options)

The .deb can be transported to a like machine if desired or simple admired.

I only had to make module_image for nvidia use on a custom kernel. Presumably, if you needed to make a module work with a running kernel, you would know it.

In short, Daniel, I have no idea why you can't bood, but following these steps should fix the problem.


Damon L. Chesser

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