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Newbie trying to configure his hardware (video, sound and wifi).


I am no so new in Linux, but yes as administrator of my own machine, last times I were just using normal applications and so on.  I have in my computer installed Debian Etch, and I have installed Ubuntu and Xandros recently.

In Ubuntu and Xandros, I have no problems with Audio, but in Debian Etch, sound is very low, its almost imposible to hear nothing.  I see in control center (I have both KDE and GNOME), and honestly I dont know where to touch....  In xandros, some way I saw the sistem recognize my sound card... so its there drivers for Linux somewhere...

About video, is almost the same, in Xandros I see system recognize perfectly my video card (again in Control Center), but in Ubuntu and in Debian Etch (as i wrote before I have installed the last Debian), video is not recognized.   I can use KDE and GNOME, them X server too, with standard resolutions.  Its a problem for me because I have a wide monitor and then i need a resolution for dont see my face so fat in the pictures ;-)

And finally, wireless is not recognizer in any system I tried, I am about to try OpenSolaris but well, just for fun, I still wants to keep using Etch with some packages I add.

Just in case you need to know details about my hardware (all is integrated in the ASUS motherboard):
Audio: Realtek ALC 883
Video: Integrated Intel Graphics Media Acelerator 3000
Wifi: Asus Wifi AP-solo

Any help, url to visit, etc, will be really valuable for me, as long I am so newbie in this configuration stuff.

Thanks in advance to all of you!

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