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Re: emacspeak with erc on debian

Hi Jude,
or is it Hey Jude ;)
thanks for answering.

Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@shellworld.net> writes:

> I'm surprised anyone is able to use emacs let alone emacspeak on
> anything later than the sarge distribution of debian given my own
> experiences.

Mine weren't that bad, but I *did* have some problems too.

Emacspeak works fine here on sid and lenny, didn't try etch yet.

> Things to try. First install ircII on your system and get out and
> connected to a known irc address and make sure you can hear incoming
> messages.  This is important since you need a proved connection to
> point erc at with all necessary and correct login credentials in
> place.

I can connect with erc using emacs or emacspeak. Messages are displayed
on the screen but not spoken. Emacspeak *does* speak other buffers, if
I press <up> I *can* hear last line. I can also hear my own messages typed
in. But when a message comes in, nothing is spoken. I want messages to be
spoken without my interaction.

>  Once done, I suggest trying two alternate start up procedures
> for emacspeak.  First is to run emacspeak from the command line with
> whatever switches you normally feed it.  Then try to run erc and
> connect to the known good irc channel and see if incoming messages get
> spoken.

See above.

> If not, try a second approach.  At the command line run emacs
> -nw which will turn off any use of xwindows or attempt to use
> xwindows.  Next mx-emacspeak and get that going.

There is no Meta-x emacspeak, but i can M-x load-library emacspeak.
It does not give me sound output, though. I also tried M-x erc and
then M-x load-library emacspeak-erc, no sound either. (Not even in
other buffers).

> In C, there's a
> cprintf() function which when used screen readers don't get any
> printing sent them.  It's the printf() function in C that gets proper
> screen writing done though.  I don't know if lisp equivalents exist
> though they may so this could be part of your problem too, the erc
> package was built with the wrong screen writing commands.

So maybe I could try to change (quite a task to find out what to change
in which files!) and recompile.

Or maybe there's a hook in erc called whenever a new message drops in?

Still searching...
Robert Epprecht

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