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re: emacspeak with erc on debian

I'm surprised anyone is able to use emacs let alone emacspeak on anything later than the sarge distribution of debian given my own experiences. I'm happy for whoever can manage to do this though. Things to try. First install ircII on your system and get out and connected to a known irc address and make sure you can hear incoming messages. This is important since you need a proved connection to point erc at with all necessary and correct login credentials in place. Once done, I suggest trying two alternate start up procedures for emacspeak. First is to run emacspeak from the command line with whatever switches you normally feed it. Then try to run erc and connect to the known good irc channel and see if incoming messages get spoken. If not, try a second approach. At the command line run emacs -nw which will turn off any use of xwindows or attempt to use xwindows. Next mx-emacspeak and get that going. Next mx-erc and get that going. Then go to the known good irc channel and see what can be heard if anything in terms of incoming messages. In C, there's a cprintf() function which when used screen readers don't get any printing sent them. It's the printf() function in C that gets proper screen writing done though. I don't know if lisp equivalents exist though they may so this could be part of your problem too, the erc package was built with the wrong screen writing commands.

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