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smartctl Vs lm-sensors

Hi all,

 I want to monitor the harddisk temperature since I/O task in my system
is very high and usually heatsup the harddisk.

 I get two different values viz. one from lm-sensors and other from

smartctl gives me very large values like the one below showing 148
whereas hddtemp or the lm-sensors gives me value 

194 Temperature_Celsius     0x0002   148   148   000    Old_age   Always
-       37 (Lifetime Min/Max 21/45)
/dev/hda: HTS541010G9AT00: 38 C

Now, which one am i supposed to believe ?

PS: The output above is indicative that the information is definetly
centigrage and not the 194,10xCelsius value. Even if it had been 10x
value, then, the values of 148/10 and 38 do not match.

Am i missing something ?


Bhasker C V
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