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Re: sidux + a word on Debian

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008 10:40:26 +0100
Matthew Macdonald-Wallace <mmw@tiger-computing.co.uk> wrote:

> On Tue, 15 Apr 2008 11:25:20 +0200
> Rico Secada <coolzone@it.dk> wrote:
> > How do you make something a bit more stable!?
> More testing?!! :oP

And this makes it more stable!? 

Packages are maintained by their respective maintainers.. in order for
something to become more stable, you have to submit changes. Just by
testing something doesn't make it more stable. :-)

I think a lot of people actually doesn't really understand the
difference between the stable, testing and unstable branch. The words
are also confusing.

Debian stable is very good for a production server that doesn’t need to
upgrade anything but security, but if the production requires newly
added features of third party applications Debian testing is the way to
go. Just because it is called testing doesn’t mean that it isn’t stable.

Packages from the testing release sometimes are more "stable" in the
sense of words than packages from the stable release.

Debian is much a source distribution: each packages is compiled
automatically 10 times on 10 different platforms before entering
testing so this is a very well tested process.

The unstable isn't really unstable per say, but it just breaks from time
to time because so many changes are added daily. From time to time the
dependencies between packages doesn't fit and stuff breaks.

I don't really see or find any need for Ubuntu or Sidux. On the contrary
I find that the Ubuntu team messes up quite often and packages break
more frequently than any Debian branch - but that's just my experience.

> > Just go with testing - it's perfect.
> Agreed, I just like Ubuntu! :o)

That must be because of the "good looks" ;-)

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