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Re: Mediawiki extensions question

On 04/09/2008 02:41 PM, John W Foster wrote:
I have added a lot of extensions to the Debian installed wiki that I
have running. 2 things are concerning me: 1. the extensions do not show
up in [[Special:Versions]] as they should including those installed by
Debian. 2. I can not tell if any of them are working at all. I installed them by puting the extensions
in /usr/share/mediawiki-extensions & then softlinking them
to /etc/mediawiki-extensions/available  &
to /etc/mediawiki-extensionsenabled
This is not generating any error messages within the pages of my wiki,
also I can see no indication that they are working either.
Any tips would be appreciated.

Each extension must be placed in its own directory under $WIKIDIR/extensions/ . $WIKIDIR is the directory where you installed your MediaWiki software.

For example, the "cite" extension would be installed as two files under the Cite directory in the extensions directory:


Just in case you haven't already been there, here is the page that explains installing extensions:

To be honest, I've never heard of the directories you listed above. I don't have the Debian version of MediaWiki (1.7) installed. I downloaded version 1.11.0 from the MediaWiki website.

Apt-file shows me that mediawiki1.7 (Etch) doesn't contain any such directories as those you listed. Perhaps you're using a different distribution. Anyway, the mediawiki in Debian is either old and crusty or weirdly configured. I suggest you get it from the MediaWiki web site. Good luck.

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