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Re: [OT Tangent to the plane] Elitism...

On 04/04/2008, Chris Walters <cjw2004d@comcast.net> wrote:
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Ron Johnson wrote:
| On 04/03/08 19:19, Chris Walters wrote:
|> Ron Johnson wrote:
|> | On 04/03/08 15:39, Ivan Savcic wrote:
|> |> On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net>
|> wrote:
|> <snip>
|> |>>  That smells of elitism.  (Not that I mind...)
|> |> No, it's just you can't have all. It's a matter of compromise. A "pick
|> |> two" game, if you wish. And Debian simply can't please everyone. The
|> |> point is, why be bothered by that? Debian set it's goals and a
|> |> corresponding target group was gathered around them. And a good one,
|> |> if you ask me.
|> |
|> | Because it's "elitist" to not want to please all the people all the
|> | time...
|> No, it is elitist to say, "Debian is the only good distribution, the
|> only truly
|> GNU/Linux distribution worth having.  All others are for the uneducated
|> masses,
|> who don't care about being right.  We are smarter and better than they are,
|> because we choose Debian - all hail the mighty Debian!"
|> That would be elitist.
| So if I chant that 24 times before bed every night and 24 more times
| when I wake up, that's a bad thing???

Nah, that is not a bad thing.  A little odd, maybe, but not bad.  The Debian,
has room for all, The Debian IS all, join The Debian now...

Resistance is [ $towel ? useless : futile ].




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