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Re: how to reset desktop env. config?

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H.S. wrote:
> Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
>> paragasu wrote:
>>> AFAIK,
>>> you can delete all files in $HOME directory. especially the hidden
>>> files.
>>> the worst you will get is you lost some setting of the program. But you
>>> can login
>>> just fine.
>> One has to be careful. For example, Kmail (from KDE) uses .kde to
>> store all
>> the mail. If some one deletes the .kde directory thinking that it is
>> just a
>> bunch of rc files they would be in for a nice surprise.
>> raju
> I have encountered the "soft reset" situation many times: I wanted to
> start over with a particular desktop, KDE or Gnome. I usually do this:
> 1. log out from the window manager
> 2. kill all my files in /tmp
> 3. kill all relevant hidden directories in $HOME/ (e.g. .kde*, .gnome*,
> .gconf* and such).
> 4. Log in to the window manager. It starts configuration from scratch.
> Now, I do not use Kmail, just Thunderbird and mutt. I know where they
> save their email. And now I learn that kmail saves its data in .kde. I
> hope a user using Kmail knows this. But then, the question is, what is
> the "right way" to start over using a desktop environment above? Is
> there a "soft reset" for window managers and desktop env.?
> thanks,
> ->HS

Depends on the window manager, obviously, for example i use E,
the various subdirectories of ~/.e are pretty obvious about what's in
them, it doesn't take long to go through and hose just the right bits,
and then you can restart E without even closing all your windows :)
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