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how to reset desktop env. config? (was: Re: What are these folders in home?)

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
paragasu wrote:

you can delete all files in $HOME directory. especially the hidden files.
the worst you will get is you lost some setting of the program. But you
can login
just fine.

One has to be careful. For example, Kmail (from KDE) uses .kde to store all
the mail. If some one deletes the .kde directory thinking that it is just a
bunch of rc files they would be in for a nice surprise.


I have encountered the "soft reset" situation many times: I wanted to start over with a particular desktop, KDE or Gnome. I usually do this:
1. log out from the window manager
2. kill all my files in /tmp
3. kill all relevant hidden directories in $HOME/ (e.g. .kde*, .gnome*, .gconf* and such).
4. Log in to the window manager. It starts configuration from scratch.

Now, I do not use Kmail, just Thunderbird and mutt. I know where they save their email. And now I learn that kmail saves its data in .kde. I hope a user using Kmail knows this. But then, the question is, what is the "right way" to start over using a desktop environment above? Is there a "soft reset" for window managers and desktop env.?


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