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Re: Postfix Access Problem

On Mon March 31 2008 13:36:28 Thomas H. George wrote:
> Ran apt-get install postfix and then fetchmail.  Fetchmail saw the
> messages but could not post them (and, therefore did not purge them).
> tail /var/log/syslog reported /etc/mail did not contain access.db.  (The
> relevant output is attached as post.txt.)
> man access listed modifications to /etc/postfix/main.cf and
> /etc/postfix/access which I made.  These did not correct the problem.  I
> read all the files in /usr/share/postfix and found a reference to access
> on line 201 of main.cf.dist with a reference to proxymap service but I
> can't locate any such service.

You sometimes refer to /etc/mail and sometimes to /etc/postfix.  You
probably want all postfix related files to be in /etc/postfix.  If
your main.cf refers to /etc/mail, change it to refer to /etc/postfix.

If you have /etc/postfix/access but no /etc/postfix/access.db try running
"postmap access" and then restart postfix.

--Mike Bird

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