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Re: Installing a Lenny package to an Etch machine

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 08:15:51PM +0100, andy wrote:
> Greetings
> I am wanting to install Homebank on an Etch machine. Trouble is, it looks 
> like it is only available for testing/Lenny and Sid.
> http://homebank.free.fr/index.php?id=20
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/h/homebank.html
> Is it best to simply give this a miss, or to download a tar ball and 
> convert it to a deb package via (is it) alien? Or, can one install a 
> testing package on a stable machine?

First I would try to install it with 'dpkg -i'. Another option would be 
to set 'APT::Default-Release "stable";' in /etc/apt/apt.conf, add a 
source for lenny and try to install with
'aptitude install -t lenny homebank'. If this doesn't pull in too many 
dependencies (where 'too many' depends on your luck/guts/phase of the 
moon/...) than you're good to go.

The safest option would probably be to try rebuilding the package for 
ethc (backporting). AFAIK this involves some invocation of
'apt-get build-dep' 'apt-get source' with some '-t lenny' and others.

P.S. alien AFAIK is used to convert rpm packages to deb. tar balls 
usually contain only the source which you need to compile and install 
with something like './configure' 'make' 'make install'. If you go that 
route make sure you install it in /usr/local in order to keep it away 
from apt.
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