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Re: Mounting Windows Samba shares without using smbfs

Amit Uttamchandani wrote, on 30/03/08 07:40:
As smbfs is no longer maintained, what is the proper way to mount samba shares in linux?

Most of the user guides out there rely on 'mount -t smbfs ....' to mount windows shares. I heard there is a mount -t cifs? But that doesn't seem to work in etch box that I have.

In the meantime, I am using smbclient to access the windows shares. I like the tool. It is ftp like and gets the job done. However, it is much easier to have the share mounted and perform the common file operations directly.

Any ideas?


The smbfs package, which depends on samba-common includes the mount.cifs binary:


samba (3.0.8-2) 8 November 2004

* Add mount.cifs into the smbfs package; thanks to Igor Belyi for
    showing us just how simple this patch should be. ;)  Since cifs is
    the preferred kernel driver in 2.6, bugs related to smbfs and 2.6
    are considered closed unless someone can show that they exist with
    the cifs driver as well (closes: #249890, #269443, #227791, #236869,
    #260707, #261808, #270175).

The format of the /etc/fstab entry changed, requiring the IP address of the remote system rather than just the NetBIOS name:

# old format, should all be on one line:
#//chocolate/chocolatec /chocolatec smbfs rw,guest,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset
=utf8,codepage=cp850    0       0

# new format, should all be on one line:
// /chocolatec cifs rw,guest,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=ut
f8      0       0

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