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Re: HP Photosmart and Epson Stylus Photo printer compatibility?

Marc Shapiro wrote:
I am in the market for a new printer and I like HP for Linux compatibility. So I went to linuxprinting.org and printed out the list of HP printers to take with me to Fry's. Fry's has the HP PhotoSmart D7160, D7260 and D7460. The listing on linuxprinting.org has the PhotoSmart D7100, 7200 and 7400 all listed as working perfectly. Can anyone verify if the newer versions currently at Fry's work as perfectly as the older ones?

I also saw the Epson Stylus Photo R260 listed as working perfectly, but, again, the model available at Fry's was the slightly newer R280. Can anyone verify the functioning of this printer under linux?

hi marc,

my (hp) psc2575 works perfect on a lower driver number; installed via localhost:631 (from the hplip_package). this has been the case too with my former HP printers. i then took the risk without any garantuee; so i cannot give you more than a reasonable certainty the hp-printers will work.



drs. steef van duin

publicist, research-journalist

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