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Re: AT Package Requires Courier MTA

Andrei Popescu:
> at depends on mail-transport-agent provided by courier-mta. Just pick 
> your favorite and install it along with at like:
> aptitude install at postfix

Or to get a list of all packages providing mail-transport-agent:

$ aptitude search ~Pmail-transport-agent
p   bongoproject-mta                    - Integrated mail and calendar
p   citadel-mta                         - complete and feature-rich
p   courier-mta                         - Courier mail server - ESMTP
p   esmtp-run                           - User configurable relay-only
p   exim                                - An obsolete MTA (Mail
p   exim4-daemon-heavy                  - Exim MTA (v4) daemon with
p   exim4-daemon-light                  - lightweight Exim MTA (v4)
p   masqmail                            - A mailer for hosts without
p   msmtp-mta                           - light SMTP client with support
p   nbsmtp                              - Simple MTA to send your mails
p   nullmailer                          - simple relay-only mail
i   postfix                             - High-performance mail
p   sendmail-bin                        - powerful, efficient, and
p   smail                               - Electronic mail transport
p   ssmtp                               - extremely simple MTA to get
p   xmail                               - advanced, fast and reliable

(The list might look slightly different on your system.)

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